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Dear Members

You will now be all aware of the new restrictions to “Delta” Level 2 with the main restriction that affects us being the reduction in patrons allowed in the club.  This has been reduced from 100 to 50 people at any one time excluding staff.

To make the requirements clear to understand they are in bullet points below:

  • Signing in is now mandatory.  You MUST sign in either with your smart phone or manually on the Covid sign in register.  

  • Mask wearing is now mandatory inside public venues.  You may remove it to eat or drink only.  Bar staff have some spares if you have forgotten yours!

  • The same level 2 rules still apply, remain seated to be served and staff will come to your table to take your order. 

  • As in the past, please load your members account with the money you intend to spend as this will make service levels more efficient

  • The snooker tables will be open for play but players must remain seated between shots.

  • The Monday Housie has been suspended for the duration of level 2

  • The Tuesday night Quiz has been suspended for the duration of level 2

  • Members draws, club and adjunct raffles, entertainment, have been suspended for the duration of level 2.

  • Club opening hours have been reduced. 

  • Hours are: Mon - Thurs/Sun 11-30am to 8-30pm, Fri/Sat 11-30am to 9-30pm.  

  • Restaurant hours remain the same at this stage.  Lunch 12-2-30pm, dinner 5-8pm Tues -Thurs/Sun,     5-8-30pm Fri/Sat

  • Membership access will be given priority on a first in first served basis with the cut off at 50 patrons.

  • Bookings will not be accepted as we cannot guarantee the numbers of members in the club at any one time. 

  • Staff will monitor numbers in the club and will limit patrons to 50. We apologise for following the rules 😢


We realise that this is not a desirable operation at "Delta" level 2 and we appreciate your understanding and support.  

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